Them: All this is looks completely insane.

Me: Yeah that’s probably why I enjoy creating and viewing it everyday myself too. 😂


No comment…
I can show people the way but they still have to walk through it type of thing.
“None of the palaces in Hell come close to Lucifer’s in size or beauty.

Lucifer lives at the top of a literal ivory tower, miles high.

You can’t even see the top from the ground.

The joke is that he built it that high so he can lean out the window and pound on Heaven’s floor with a broom handle when he wants them to turn down the choir.”

― Richard Kadrey, Sandman Slim
“In art and mythology, the Goddess appears in three forms.

White represents the virgin, red the mother, and black, the crone, or the death-goddess.” 

― Erin O’Riordan, Cut
Women and children are off limits and it sucks for many men, all except one, me as I am. 😂
“Never on me let such wrath lay hold, as the wrath you cherish, you whose valor causes harm!”

― A.T. Murray, Homer: Iliad II, Books 13-24

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