Family even agreed that…

As long as Jordan is in his own place?

He’s fine in his own controlled chaos regardless of his being.

No different than on WordPress. ⁂

“I am, to my core, Canadian, so, by osmosis, everything I write reflects that upbringing.”

― Elinor Florence, Bird’s Eye View
“The truth will always set the lies free from their cage.”

― Anthony T. Hincks
“Picture Perfect Moments”
“A new belief is an enlightenment of a strengthening habit.

Thinking that bad habit is easy to release is thinking too much.”

― Alan Maiccon
“Crying is good for the soul. It means something needs to be released.

And if you don’t release the something, it just weighs you down until you can hardly move.”

― Erin Entrada Kelly, Hello, Universe

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