When you take Jordan Village in Ontario and combine it with Jordan the Nation, what do we get?

Cops: The right to remain silent…😂

“The real power in Ottawa, as in Washington, is in the executive branch.

At the White House, there are daily briefings for reporters.

In Ottawa, there is no such daily access.

The media doesn’t demand it, and as a result, major powerbrokers remain virtually anonymous.”

― Lawrence Martin, Harperland: The Politics Of Control
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“Satan to be released from single life”
Her: Remove your pants.

Me: Yes Doctor…😂


I am an alcohol junkie otherwise?

Her: Your words not mine..😂


“God is God through Words and Human Everywhere Else”

“God He Me, Me He, He He”

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Gotti 😂
Well it works like this, her nationality is spared due to the fact I would never hurt anything that she loves because I love her, therefore once again a wise move to notice what I was doing and then swoop in to snatch me from Coleman partially only to show up with a final kill in person some time sooner than later if she’s as wise as I make her out to be.

The point is that I end up with her and all her projects and people become my projects and people to protect, respect and assist with, it’s that simple in terms of obtaining the power of God for yourselves.
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“Two love to jam to something real”
“Blue Bic Lighter Waves Hello”

When it’s about you, to you and/or includes you?

It’s always real.

“Is Real”

“Pen 15”

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