Mood swings are one thing…

Holding onto hate is another.

Every grudge, every purposeful neglect and all the other things people do through hate for revenge and what not eventually rise up to choke people out.

That doesn’t mean we all have to turn into monks since justice can still be used without actually hating the criminals.

They did something wrong, we charge them, place them and move on otherwise all we do is infect ourselves in the process. ⁂
“On some of my darkest days, Lucifer’s the one who comes and gives me an ice cream.”

― Tori Amos
“Natures beauty soothe my eyes,
Refreshes my soul,
Helps in imagination…”

― Debolina

I can think of a more beautiful place personally…😂
“The hardest part of being a Canadian kid is having to color in Nunavut with a crayon in school, hell on earth.”

― Rebecca McNutt, Super 8: The Sequel to Smog City
As long as it’s healthy, otherwise both just end up miserable and worse off than before.

No different than couples having children thinking they will solve all their relationship problems only to create worse ones.
“Without a doubt, it [Canada] is the land God gave to Cain.”

― Mordecai Richler, Solomon Gursky Was Here
“Lifting The Curse Through Love”


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