Due to my Bipolarness…

It’s like a constant drama comedy, freak out, laugh about it after, freak out laugh about it after, freak out laugh about it after…😂

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dubai They be like, just smoke weed. 😂

Me: What about cigarettes?

The Snow: NO! 😂
“Walking Dead”


Me: Great when do I move to a new place?

Since you know nothing will ever happen here that’s plainly clear. 😂

Canada is 1 on the 10 kingdoms map and Poland is 5.

Yeah like first get the money then claim the birthright…😂

We can always delete and start that over if needed, I would require access to FB and Twitter again though. 😂
Speed like the beta test Cocaine I have been getting, when the formulas are cut with healthier medical products instead of poisonous household products?

Good things happen from medical perspective instead of bad.

And my daily online journal entrees show that clearly when you understand what it is exactly you are reading.

“Write to remain silent, that way it cannot be used against you past random art on a wall”

While being able to be extracted as data for legal scientists and healthcare professionals who normally cannot do these studies since the drugs are illegal still.

But in the long run if we cannot get drugs off the streets completely?

The least we can do is flood them with healthier choices from people or businesses who actually give back to Canadians and the community as opposed to other illegal and terrorist markets overseas.
Where did everyone go?

Oh well at least I still have the t.v, computer and console. 😂
“Jordan The Camera God”


“Karma in a Flash”

“Flash Flooding”

“That’s a wrap, thank you” 😂


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