Israel: Poland keeps asking us for reparations….

King Jesus: Yeah but have I ever asked you? Exactly Two different realities there. 😂


Forget the past hate, forget reparations and start working together with all races to build a better world since we all suffered in similar ways in one point in time and/or another.

It’s not a competition.
Luckily beer is free in this house since like I wrote before all my money went to two people this morning…all $733 a month of it….

Richest King ever….not even my own country pays me, Canadians Government had to foot the bill out of sympathy for my national neglect. 😂
You just have to come to investigate my dick since the rest of the data is available publicly online to anyone from anywhere, I am kind like that, I bring the research right to you through screens. 😂

Meanwhile delusional college students be like, all hail the reparation goddess…! 😂

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