Slavery comes in many forms… "Salivary Gland"

Mainly through the incognito of bills…πŸ˜‚

“They owe they owe and off to work they go”
Hence why I can get fucked up all day plus be all moody without feeling guilt.

I have my bases covered.

Better to lose your mind and money than to lose your heart and soul after all.
Sure I deceived many over the years but only for it all to lead up to this point of being me.

I am the closest to God after all, hence why I can mimic God so well…πŸ˜‚
Goalie, defence, offence : offence, defence, Goalie.

“Law Court”
β€œWe create our own hell, it is the sum of all our decisions – we are not sentenced, we condemn ourselves.”

― Gabrielle Estres, Captive
β€œThose who have overcome their fears will truly be free.”

― Aristotle

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