A good woman can work miracles…

That not even all the doctors and friends let alone biological family can do…⁂

She could easily stop me as we see below…

If I respect her enough?

There is very little I will not do.

Like I keep stating when it comes to many addicts?

The problem is usually location, location, location alongside the person or people at the location, mainly in a home or an apartment.

People resort to drugs and alcohol to escape and/or because something else is missing.

“Chemical Imbalances”
“A Nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but it’s lowest ones”

― Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom
“Canadian Ale”
For what Cocaine tomorrow? 😂

That is why I am drinking plus blasting music in my ears to drown out reality in order to create more properly.

I need absolute silence other than my own noise whether it be music or otherwise since the flow needs to remain focused.

When people come around or make noise, the flow begins getting contaminated.

It’s like trying to masturbate and someone walks in the room kind of annoyance.
I got no wife or woman to be upset with me, that’s one of many beauties behind being single.
I lost many friends who ended up with women who do not let them do anything suddenly.

I am not a person who deals with a woman like that.

Some things I can understand but many things are overkill and simple male dominance techniques.

Politics and shit like that are not worth arguments for, online and offline.

I deal more in matters of actual nasty people.

Those who simply rape, rob and manipulate for no real reason other than their own desires, and those people are found on all sides, not just one or another.
Well one can’t just do nothing all day after all.

I have wants and needs which I clearly display but do I expect any of them for doing this and otherwise?

Not at all, otherwise it’s not Holiness.
We will see what happens, just like any good book, game, show and movie.

Songs count to if you have an imagination, or well and music videos qualify technically.
Yeah try saying that come yawn time when you feel tired.

Will you not “want” to go to sleep then?

Or is it just a need, something you would remove if you could?

That is pretty much like asking for immortality in the form you are in now for all of eternity, illogical which is why there is reincarnation.

Body hopping in order to prevent boredom, like bar hopping but life and death.
See below…
“Show me the Stars”
I have a few ideas…😂
“Lord God”

“Rolling Dice”



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