Depression will kill us before deep state Russians and A.I. ever will.

We could continue ignoring it or we could try alternate methods? ⁂

The Russian people like myself and many other nations, nothing more than a bunch of people full of neglect and hurt plus rage as a result of it.

I don’t have to imagine their cries for help, I have internet.
“Alcohol is good against the common cold when spending time in cold weather allot”

The problem like with anything else, getting too carried away through overconsumption.
The West has a problem with Putin and Putin with the West.

I have heard the West like Europe speak on the subject personally on many levels, now I want to hear it from the supposed “devil’s” mouth.

“Supper with Vlad and a talk with the Russian people”
Do you know what’s better than a Polish missile shield?

Not putting them in a position where we have to worry about them nuking us!

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