"Break The Seal To Seal The Deal" A ship without sails is dead in the water unless they have a propeller.

How can people accept you if you don’t open up after all?

The catch is people shouldn’t not accept people based on that unless it’s strictly business.

Business is the freedom from God’s rules, Home is where they strictly apply.

Since where there is no real love through God?

There is no true home. ⁂


https://www.instagram.com/dominiquep_c/?hl=en “Wave, Weave”

Better to be odd than boring I always say….😂

Always will, I cannot turn my love off for anyone unless they do it to themselves through ill treatment, then I still never stop loving them, I just separate because I have no time for that.
Get in your way, annoy you, kick you out etc…I don’t even yell unless you push me to it.
Amen! Sold! Will you marry me? 😂
“Home Foreclosure.”
I am the King of Poland in every sense of the word and promise to be a good one by not going there at all, I can cast from Canada always. ⁂


Luke 12:57

Why don’t you judge for yourselves what is right, let alone who?
Related image
Some see my drugs and/or alcohol use as a problem?

I see it as preventative in terms of me not snapping and killing people for many things, not the ones just done to me.

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