Can’t blame me let alone be angry at me for being born a universal dictator. “Cat ID Toronto”

Only if I choose to actually be a dick about it let alone with it. “A Life, 1 Up”

Everything and everyone outside of here runs on old programming by comparison to the realties I project from this source. ⁂

“Everything flows from somewhere”,_So_Below_(film)

Not enough people read books let alone read in general, as in properly reading with full comprehension of what it is they are actually reading.

“Energy Readings” 😂
“I am above all laws through birthright, being, natural, universal and otherwise”

Only me and my chosen wife/wives upon marriage, otherwise?

It’s just only me in actuality.
“Pentagon, Pendragon”
When people call me God I instantly become kinder in one form and another.
When you actually wish ill will upon anyone, friend or foe?

It backfires 7 fold through me.
Unlike me, my life is fine, others are just trying to make it feel like shit, in which case is clearly backfiring on them.

My dad’s is falling apart due constantly wishing for babcias death and when I tell him that?

I get called crazy which then instantly fires yet another curse his way.

Hence why other than the battles I have against myself through drugs, alcohol and writing?

I always wish good things for others, especially my enemies, because if my allies choose to continue down the path of darkness?

My enemies might just yet join me in the light, online and offline.

“Live and Learn or Live and Let Die”

Meaning just let God be God as I am and everything will be fine sooner or later depending on how fast people get up to date with the times so to speak.

“When Absolute Love Returns The Devils Will Ally With God”

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