True evil is in losing control of the urge… "La Baton Rouge"

The urge to hate, fight, war, drink, be right, survive, gain power/wealth etc…..⁂

“Big Brother is Watching You.”

― George Orwell, 1984

“King Jesus In Canada, England’s Backyard”
“CN Tower”
“Dream Reacher”

“Jolly Rancher”
People have free will, the chaos they live is the chaos they themselves produce in reality as in outside the box.

It’s one thing to project horror it’s another thing to be horrible to people.

I used to be horrible to people until I realized who I was, not because of desiring to be loved or accepted but simply that I can use my wisdom and abilities to make a difference.

Maybe not for everyone but hopefully for some.
That I would be left alone in peace in Canada.

My own place, expenses paid for and a female or two as caretakers, in terms of me, I can clean the place on my own.

“Two hearts are better than one to keep the dark heart in line”
Humanity falls apart due to promises not being kept in allot of cases.

Nothing pisses off many people more than that whether they be rich or poor.
Quran 23:47

They said, “Should we believe this man like ourselves while their people are for us in servitude?” unlike Queen’s who are seen as equals by nature.
“A woman being never at a loss… the devil always sticks by them.”

― George Gordon Byron, Lord Byron: Selected Letters and Journals

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