What goes around comes around…

No one is excluded, everyone is included into the sin scale, I am the innocent one due to “I can’t help being God when I am clearly God!” ⁂

Masturbation helps one “think” while lowering sperm count allowing me more success with the pullout method in life.

When it’s clear there is no one there…⁂ “House Is Clear, Clear Oceans”

Nothing like many being placed into online cages like rats alongside the lion which they ratted on.

I can tell on myself, you cannot type of reality unless you are willing to pay for it in some way?

Related image
Those who are already forgiven know who they are because they feel the effects already.

The feeling of being on the right side of the law with absolute certainty for once…😂

I still haven’t drunken any alcohol today and I am still like, so back to the topic of absolute rule through God as I am…!😂

No selling the art you flip through Imgflip let alone any of my own flipped or otherwise…other then that you can use all of mine freely. ⁂


Image result for jesus middle finger
“Secrecy begets tyranny.”

― Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

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