It's one thing to see a woman one wants to sleep with…

It’s another thing to see a woman one can trust their children with.

When one sees both in the same woman one should have married her yesterday type of thing. ⁂
“Dogs Recognize Their Owner’s Voice”

“Red Rover”
Image result for jenna coleman this is supposed to be a happy moment gif

Image result for clara oswald seriously
Well I do imagine her as you in terms of looks, voice and intelligence after all.

Anyways the point is I can maintain “Jacob’s Two Wives” through One.

“Wifi and Wife”
Image result for always gif
When it comes to my love for you.
Like I told my brother there is more at work than just love between us.

I can try to forget or break away and regardless of which way I go?

I am always pulled back to you like some supernatural pull that I cannot resist.

It’s a totally different feeling, a feeling which feels more at home.
“Christmas, children, is not a date.

It is a state of mind.”

― Mary Ellen Chase

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