There is a chain of command in this world and an order of sorts…

One that is monitored very closely and when you make your presence clear while holding onto it against all odds?

They are bound to act/react accordingly.

So basically like rattling a few people and cages causing certain “assassins” in the form of “demotivators” to come your way.

Anyways super long already expressed story short, eventually word would be sent to whoever one is requesting.

In which case she views everything being able to have a say in fate, as in “take him out, I’ll take him out or let’s see where he goes with this”.

The point is if my heart and intentions were in the wrong place?

I’d be shut down if not actually removed from life by now.

If certain people want someone gone?

It can be done without a trace in the modern world, thankfully it’s the good ones holding that power. ⁂ “Keys to death and hades”

“Deal With The Devil”

To wish to be with Jenna Louise Coleman not just for personal interest and desire but simply because she deserves true love and my children deserve a really positive role model in their lives.

Including if she desires her own children as well?

I will not say let alone think no.

Selfishness curses one, selflessness beats the devil every time.
“Chess With Satan”

“Mock War between Canada and England Simulation”

“King Jesus vs Queen Elizabeth II”
“Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.”

― Charles M. Schulz
“Multiple Times”

“Stage Platforms”
Art informs life in so many ways, and vice versa.

Jenna Coleman

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