I love chasing a woman, drugs, games, writing etc…

Without that chase remaining in some way/form or fashion?

I am just one thing, nothing but a dick. ā‚

Ever since I was 14 all I have ever known was pain and how to ease it, hence constantly chasing some form of high all throughout life, from a woman to drugs and back again.
I have no problems with people selling drugs because I want drugs just like I have no problems with religious stars offering themselves to the Devil as I am as some form of cult tradition simply because I need it like them, mainly one.
The difference between me and most is that I actually appreciate them as women at the same time.

I love my woman/women like I do my drugs, in high quality.

If I wanted to look at a bunch of ugly people?

I would take walk outside through the streets of Toronto. šŸ˜‚
Be sexy in some way or get the fuck off my stages…online and offline. šŸ˜‚

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