Proper death for the devil…

I was so bad and mean plus hateful and whatever only to come across an Angel who knows everything about me from past to present only to still love me anyways?

That thought let alone reality is like taking a syringe and loading it full of all these emotions like guilt, shame, goodness, happiness, sadness etc.. all bulked into one and injecting one with it.

It’s basically like, ok I will just go and die now…. *Takes a nap* 😂

“Better ten days of love than years of regretting,”

― Robert Jordan, The Dragon Reborn
Hence why many women gave up their powers over men when they forgot the teachings of Mary Magdalene.

Men appear tough on the outside but are really soft on the inside, women appear soft on the outside but are really tough on the outside.

In most cases.
Instead of expecting a certain type of love, just be happy when you have it.

Since real love always forgives where as others do not which is what mainly matters between two in any relationship.

Otherwise both grow apart through discomfort.

You have to be able to be yourself otherwise it does not work, role play excluded of course. 😂
Scroll scroll click…click click boom.

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