Art like people, don't let them get to your head.

Many times someone sets you up just to watch you fall. “Looking For Work”

Which can be a good or bad thing, depending on perspective and outcome. ⁂

Yeah like the Tiffany in elementary school who stabbed me with a compass.

That needle point could have been tipped with any form of bacteria let alone government test drug/nanites.

Let alone any of the many needles and under the knife operations I had throughout life.

Would they confess if they did?

Obviously not.

Would they try to destroy the evidence in whatever ways?

Obviously so.
That is not the scary part, the scary part is in trying to figure out what the “injectors” main goal for humanity is.

The means to a mean end are wrong, the means to a good end for all are understandable.

Hence my works versus other works and mine border lining treason and goodness like a thin line to walk across in life.
Related image
“Nobody calls me chicken”

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