It's a common issue police and doctors face regularly.

Well we know he is a psychopath but unless he kills/rapes someone how do we prove it to the point of being able to prevent any future public harm?

Since after all many do not realize it until after they go too far.

Therefore having someone express their urges so well in detail online is key.

This does not normally happen in society, what normally happens is murder followed by a raid which is already too late. ⁂

It’s one of those people just aren’t worth enough to kill, I rather masturbate than waste that kind of time on them.
Devaluing humans just to prevent one from murdering them….😂
Saved by God the psychopath once again through a thing we like to call understanding…😂
It’s only illegitimate evidence if the opposing side can prove it as so when compared to my own.
“A.I. is the perfect psychopath.”

― Rick Delmonico
Only through God as I am. ⁂

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