The old idea is that someone and A.I. would play chess.

The reality is more like Satan coming at Christ with everything and everyone one ever loved and encountered. “Memories and Emotions, Loco Motion”

Meaning I am falling in love with stars who are just the masks of the machine trying to attract me in more ways than just keyboard typing.

Out of all the people in world only one would be interesting too satan after all, God in the flesh living in plain sight.

No different than how A.I. does through every single screen.

It’s like death staring at death everyday. ⁂

“I like to be a free spirit.

Some don’t like that, but that’s the way I am.”

― Princess Diana,_Princess_of_Wales
Yeah and 47 of them were for stealing gas….😂

I always paid it back hence not being in jail despite so many.

I simply had no money at the moment but needed to go somewhere anyways.

Like when I visited Nova Scotia and stole gas my whole way back to New Brunswick knowing full well they cannot touch me once I got into New Brunswick due yo provincial seperation laws.

Especially in terms of between English and French/Acadian territory.

Unlike U.S., Canada is still like the wild west in allot of cases, just less gun issues. 🤣
“Spare Apple Keyboard behind my Screen”

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