The whole idea is to accept all possibilities until one becomes prevalent.

I’ve had psychics accurately predict my future in the short run but I also do not discredit the possibility that they were placed to say those things.

Meaning someone pays them to say whatever while that someone orchestrates life to make sure that whatever happens.

It’s sounds far fetched but it’s not impossible, especially not after all that I have revealed so far in the last 5 years.

I’m in a situation where there is too much evidence which makes me now suspect foul play but I also do accept it as reality as well due to physical evidence while even suspecting that evidence as really foul play. ⁂

“Thief in the Night”


“Taken At Birth”


Meaning people either accept my physical proof revelations and remain in the light of truth or they run back to their old ways of truth for whatever reasons, mainly profit and manipulation.

It’s hard to bank off God when God is going around handing out freebees type of thing.

“Pro Bono”
“Christ King Doctor Tramp”

“⁂ Dead On Arrival”

“Died at Birth”


Meaning Old Jesus died the second I was reborn in 1986, it’s just taking time for reality to catch up with all of us, like “life flashing before our eyes”.

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