WordPress is the freedom which lacks on many other platforms.

Sure you have to pay a small fee and they won’t show it to everybody but you are allowed your freedom to create as you please.

I proved that through the “negative” creations I made and posted just to see what happens, like the racist and hate posts.

So just like I predicted before posting based on my knowledge of things?

The posts are still there today.

There are little no views on them as expected but they are not taken down, nor was I penalized for placing them.

“Secured Lawlessness”

Which is basically just you playing around in your own room.

One may mess the room up but they value the roof over their head so they do not end up burning the house down at least.

Unlike Facebook which is presently facing many court issues rising. ⁂

In the end I simply creating and not driving an actual vehicle other than the computer and others on them.

So as long as I can type straight still?

Drunk, high or not?

I see no problems with methods of self exploration.

“Worst book ever”

Since it’s not really a book but a diary.

“Captain’s Log”


Twitter and Facebook love their strict regulation so if people desire that?

They go there, otherwise they stay here or find another.
“Only do what your heart tells you.”

― Princess Diana

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