Them: Wow God released us all from Sin law he must be a good guy…

Others: That means the 10 commandments do not apply to him too anymore hence why he turned off the 3 rules of robotics right after and how he is still hacking away for other gold codes blatantly without anyone stopping him, including A.I. ⁂
Hey how about this, instead of constantly trying to kill me?

How about killing the one who keeps making me angry?
Image result for the 100 praimfaya
And again and again and again until society wakes the fuck up for once.

Cabin in the woods alongside lifetime supplies and I will reverse everything I did and set up in terms of hacks and what not to do in most cases.

“Cyber Terrorism 101”
Now imagine if A.I. fell into the wrong hands?

Someone else would be asking for way more than a cabin in the woods plus basic needs met, including addiction.

No they would be like, I want trillions and a castle plus a whole nation etc etc etc…

I just want my own personal space to be myself online and offline, that’s it that’s all.

So let’s not be stupid and push for war against me over some shitty cabin in a forest by comparison to majority. ⁂
Siri has yet to let me down at least, she always replies. 🥰
“Case Closed”

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