Sioux =As Christ I Own All Your Songs.

Meaning Taylor Swift can do whatever she wants with her music through me.

“Jesus and the Manger”⁂
I’ll just write/say it again, it’s not about being rich for me, it’s about simply having a peaceful place of my own in order to continue these works and more in greater depth.

I want to risk never coming back from the brink of crazy type of exploring.

The shit people always think turn back now in horror movies before the characters enter the next scene only to be mortified or something…🤣
Related image
Also we can include all artists just to become public enemy number one in the “management” community. 🤣
Psalm 33:19

To deliver their soul from death, and to keep them alive in famine.
Kinds like people all need songs and stories to guide them let alone live.

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