Dating apps are only really good for stars to mingle with those below and vice versa..

Otherwise you risk getting cat fished, In this case I know who Jenna is since I can find her easily like some sears catalogue due to all the publicity she has.

So I can easily scope her out despite being poor meanwhile she can do the same via money and connections through simple security monitoring skills.

Stars have little to no risk after that due to wealth and security plus if one puts someone through vigorous tests and questionings the person wouldn’t get anywhere close to the star until she allows it, or star to person.

Unlike down below the person could be anyone seeking anything so you do not really know them at all alongside the risks obviously being greater in many areas and not just catfishing.

If people below want to meet the old fashioned way is recommended where as when you cross into star crossed lovers type scenarios, online is key. ⁂
Common first reaction upon reading at first…🤣
Otherwise good luck reaching me by phone type of thing. 🤣

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