It's like, you're not in the tropics because you keep falling off topic…

Me: I don’t want to be in the tropics…🤣 “Edge Of The World”
Some see names, I see sentences. 😂

That tends to happen when one is straight and the other gay, one simply has to go bye bye to make the road straight again.
“In a world full of war and hate
Her body is my temple and she is my religion
Scared yet spirited – as she laid bare
The demons she had slayed and spared
I can’t help but fall into the depths of her

– The Depths of Her -”

― Mystqx Skye, Bared: Beneath a Myriad of Skies
One could say many of them have become addicted to lies and lying like I was in the past. 🤣
“He made her feel the infinite number of feelings,
In which she lost herself.”

― Luffina Lourduraj

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