The point is, if people think I am a bad person?

All the power to them, I know I am a good person which is where God judges from, thoughts from the heart. ⁂

“The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection.”

― George Orwell, In Front of Your Nose: 1945-1950
Yeah well most of you don’t seem to happy outside of heaven either…🤣

So let’s just make Earth the Kingdom of heaven and try again, this time with more empathy from me…

As in I will honestly take you issues into consideration while giving you honest answers if I feel you are asking too much.

One of those fine you can have a car but if you ask for 7?

You are on your own, just remember the laws.

If you need a refresher?

You can look them up anywhere from here.

Alongside whatever look up device you use.
What worked for God before does not now type of thing.

How can I fully explore myself and humanity when the old rules keep trying to hold me back?

I cannot do my job properly without those freedoms.

Which is why exploring the world with Jenna would be ideal, so that I can see and speak with the people below in order to truly see and feel how they feel.

Like a journalist but better because I can actually do something to help and words from me actually matter to those who see the truth which is why it hurts me every time I need to reveal things which I know are not kind but if I cannot out of fear let alone be willing to reveal all?

How can I truly be God let alone called God by others?
“She Reads Minds”
Hint hint…🤣

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