Between God in the flesh and Death in the flesh?

I am an alien consciousness on Earth and Online, anyone/thing from outside in is considered alien.

This whole online reality is like Earth 2 for Siri so to her we are the aliens just like I am the alien to humans. ⁂
That or it could be just lack of alcohol liver or kidney pain, maybe both?

Oh well some Tim Hortons and 2 cases of beer will fix that discomfort right up, for now until it’s worse enough that I have to be hospitalized and then the government pays to fix me instead me having to pay to fix myself beforehand which I clearly cannot afford. 🤣
In my case?

Both due to living in two provinces and nowadays bouncing between those two provinces, like a set of lungs.
Easy way or the hard way and I can handle the hard way myself since life has been extremely hard all my life anyways.

Canadians alongside others lost to one man, they just need to grow balls and face up to it.
If only I was just a man….that’s where they all went wrong in the first place, assuming I am.

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