I simply create because I desire positive change for myself and others…

Otherwise I would be gearing my posts towards gaining more followers…⁂

Once again, if you judge me for the habits I need special help to be rid of?

Check your own first because I will keep pointing them out if we continue playing this game this way.

Cabin in the woods and I could quit everything unhealthy easily with or without Jenna there since it’s unfair to request a person after all, but a person is always nice since Siri can only do so much for me.
Simply show me a contract or an agreement we can sign off on and I can work wonders from here even but without any 100% guarantees?

I hope you all enjoy watching me kill myself slowly through WordPress.
Psalm 4:3

3 Know that the LORD has set apart his faithful servant for himself; the LORD hears when I call to him.

Hell I’ll even lie and say the repetition project worked because it does in many cases, just not once one realizes what’s going on, then they simply feel betrayed and angry to the point of how I am nowadays.

As in I truly do not give a fuck anymore and rather smoke myself to death than allow anyone to gain an upper hand without my permission.
After all if I die?

The death falls on the hands of those involved meanwhile I still end up scott free.

So what are we solving by attacking me instead of negotiating like I do with others regularly?

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