An old soul is a reincarnated soul…

How old someone’s soul is varies on amount of reincarnations.

For many this life is their first time so they are happy go lucky and willing to explore life.

Where in my case since I am the oldest soul?

I am just too tired and edgy to do anything past trying to live sanely in the woods somewhere or some quite space with Jenna away from practically everyone. ⁂

Quran 18:1

[All] praise is [due] to Allah, who has sent down upon His Servant the Book and has not made therein any deviance.
Retirees like myself will get a home plus healthy pay meanwhile the rest will have more job opportunities due to many of us being pulled off the workforce and therefore making more space in limited job market.
If I don’t get my deserved requests and rest?

No one does type of thing.

It make no difference to me whether I die a hero or a murderer because I’ll just come back with a clean slate as if nothing ever happened.
If the earth won’t accept me at my goodness it will die with me through my darkness.

Nothing is ever lost, just relocated.

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