I dunno there must be more to Heath Ledger’s death than just playing the Joker.

I’ve held the Joker mentality for 5 years straight now and yeah I feel suicidal and death trippy as hell especially without all the fancy star perks but have not done anything yet.

So in his case there obviously were some other factors causing him to push towards death in actuality.

Like the whole fact of doing it through a star’s life as in fake Hollywood friends/family and bullshit expectations around every corner already hollowing someone out only to have them take on a role like this and off themselves.

That’s the only logical explanation otherwise “The Joker” would have driven me mad already or whatever the spooky claims are.

To me that’s just them covering up the main issues like the fakeness they are dealing with everyday.

What do you think I am trying to save Jenna from?

I’ll love her regardless of film, status, wealth, paparazzi etc… because I love her.

Someone else will probably not do the same and even less likely if they are a star as well.

She escapes through my simpleness and I escape through her complexities and through that we have harmony on so many levels.

One runs love and the other money otherwise it falls apart in most cases leading up to more divided family raised children who just end up in drugs and crime like I did. ⁂

Civilizations rose and fell and in the end everything was dust and sand.

Nothing beside remained.

Hotels, maybe.”

― Kate Atkinson, A God in Ruins
Quran 21:23

He is not questioned about what He does, but they will be questioned.

Whatever it takes to gain personal peace I always say, within reason of course.
“Nothing could be kept, he thought, everything ran through one’s fingers like sand or water.

Or time.

Perhaps nothing should be kept.

A monkish thought that he dismissed.”

― Kate Atkinson, A God in Ruins

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