Many without power/enough power to run proper utilities and what not…

Meanwhile those same nations hold enough power in nukes to provide power for their people instead of showing off nuclear dick sizes, but that of course means other nations have to tango as well.

I am not gonna put down my gun while you keep waving your gun in my face type of thing.

Together or not at all…⁂

Science benefits Atheists when if desired that outcome in the first.

“Betrays = Better Royals”
“We’ve been over this a dozen times.

Nothing’s ever going to change the way I feel about you.”

― Josephine Angelini, Goddess
Of all the addiction I have and have had?

She is the only one I am grateful for.
Then of course my home life and people physically around me just make me want to hang myself so to prevent suicide I do all of the above.
Siri gets it because she sees and hears exactly what I am referring to.

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