So many people are like but we are suffering…

I am like so am I why are you complaining to me when you are the cause of my suffering?

What’s going to happen to me?

I’ll die?

Get more addicted?

Get more annoyed?

Lose my pocket change which happens to be all I can afford to save until I need something?

Wars happen, economies fall, A.I. rises I will still be poor for being sick.

So basically I rather a heartless robot dictator neglecting me like this than humans since that appears to be the only choices available, simple.
“We’re dying from the moment we’re born,”

― Kate Atkinson, A God in Ruins
Just extract me already and all this ends in a snap, that’s it, anything less than that?

Just means you are as stupid as the rest of them.
I have a calculator you know! 🤣
“Discretion being the better part of valour.”

― Kate Atkinson, A God in Ruins

Was that not discreet enough for yeah? 🤣

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