Basically the demon world is every addiction known to man…

From smoking to drugs to sex and eating, if it’s something that controls you in negative ways?

It’s considered a demonic presence for the most part. ⁂

Lamentations 3:37

Who can speak and have it happen if the Lord has not decreed it?
I also haven’t had a drink in 2 days.

Which is what I was expecting to happen sooner or later.

Flood the body until it just gets sick of it, making the quitting and cutting down process allot easier.

Alcohol I am quitting because it really has no use to me other than wrath, cigarettes I’ll cut down majorly but not fully which is ok since when it comes to smoking?

Having around 3 smokes a day is nowhere near as harmful as having 20-25 per day if not more.

Cocaine I’ll still do periodically and marijuana us just child’s play in terms of harm so that one will stay normal.

Sure I may stop even more once I move out on my own again since I find certain people just makes one have to get intoxicated just so that you do not hurt them.

I love certain family members but I know I am pulling the plug on them the first chance I get simply because I may love them as a person but I hate their personality, especially when it’s around me.
The good ole kit of treats, fears and adventures for the mind and body.

I’ve had many of those in life, my dangerous yet loyal companions, drugs/alcohol which I could never hate despite deciding to cut down/quit.

I love drugs and alcohol plus people who use them but there comes a time where even I must begin alternating my lifestyle a bit.
“In order to mount to heaven, you used the Inferno to give you momentum.

“The further down you gain your momentum,” you often used to tell me, “the higher you shall be able to reach.

The militant Christian’s greatest worth is not his virtue, but his struggle to transform into virtue the impudence, dishonor, unfaithfulness, and malice within him.

One day Lucifer will be the most glorious archangel standing next to God; not Michael, Gabriel, or Raphael—but Lucifer, after he has finally transubstantiated his terrible darkness into light.”

― Nikos Kazantzakis, Saint Francis
My liver/side stopped hurting as much which began 6 hrs after I quit drinking 2 days ago.

I assume it’s just adjusting to not being barraged by alcohol all day long. 🤣

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