Big Bang…

Brother gained big through one murder only to lose everything and everyone after…

What seemed like nothing at the time became everything which altered light into dark, life into death, safety into excommunication etc…

The first and last murder via Cain. ⁂ “Lord’s Name In Vain, Livin It Up”

“Revolving Mirror”

“Lucifer Bean”
Even Gods and Goddesses Fear Death as in no more existence, just nothingness.

That is what is known as True Death, eternally gone and forgotten.
Isaiah 31:2

Yet he too is wise and can bring disaster; he does not take back his words.

He will rise up against the wicked nations, against those who help evildoers.
“Took You”
 Isaiah 56:1

This is what the LORD says:

“Maintain justice and do what is right, for my salvation is close at hand and my righteousness will soon be revealed.
Quran 56:3

It will bring down [some] and raise up [others].
And it’s who!

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