Most really good stories/realities have a trilogy at least…

Which is why we are living out the 3rd Testament of the Holy Bible in the modern world today.

Which is also why it’s one of those stories we will not really get to read but will be read by many long after we die in our present forms in todays modern age of humanity. ⁂

Hence once again why I cut down on smoking majorly while I get off the alcohol at the same time, then once the alcohol cravings lower I can dismantle the rest of the other cravings over time.

It’s one of those well if I get to spend the rest of this life with her?

Then living longer just became so much more appealing and worth it.
*Puts out cigarette in between gifs* and the colour returns to face no different how cutting down smoking did in the last two days.
And since I can feel my lungs healing plus my breathing getting better alongside circulation plus warmth returning while smoking weed regularly if not more to make up for the cigarettes my lungs keep craving?

Goes to show how cigarettes do way more damage as first hand smoke and second hand smoke than marijuana by far.

If they damaged my lungs equally?

They wouldn’t be healing at the same time while smoking one instead of the other. 🀣
Who controls the past controls the future.

Who controls the present controls the past.”

― George Orwell, 1984

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