When governments, secret societies let alone people?

Boast about being more evil or enjoy appearing that way as if they are truly evil and a force to be feared let alone worshipped?

The true horror begins to rise to fix the glitch and/or glitches…⁂


“Red KIA”

Not really accurate but ok…🤣
“Psychopaths love to set the record straight whenever their “crimes” are revealed incorrectly”
Shit = His Truth….
Well if you were paying attention you’d know like I do…

“God’s strength is rooted in being faithful to his true Self, in just Being good.

The Devil’s strength depends on synergies, agreements, cooperation and beliefs.”

― Robin Sacredfire
I am not impotent that’s for sure, that is when a man truly losses power which is why smoking cigarettes is bad, hence that playing a key role in me deciding to cut down majorly 2 days ago, no different than how getting tired of being artificially angry lead to me stopping drinking 3 days ago.
Physically yes…
But spiritually no…
If you want to metaphorically kill everyone in the room around you through flooding?
Put in headphones and play that music loud and voila no more monsters around you, in your mind at least.

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