Without me revealing my feelings and mental health plus addictions including thoughts?

Others like myself in many ways would still feel alone in the world, trapped between fear of expressing and not being allowed to express via laws and what not.

I like to show that it’s ok to feel and think certain ways let alone express them.

It merely becomes sketchy when you act on certain ones, like murder.

I was craving beer earlier and was pissed that I have to go through the cold to get some knowing full well I do not enjoy going out usually let alone in the cold, but then weed arrived.

So since it’s stronger government weed again it helps to deal with the desire to drink mainly due to the fact that drinking like drugs helps me express better and with more patience.

It’s like being excited for the finished product due to knowing the end in your mind while trying to write it out properly quick enough to view it in front of you as opposed to just in your mind.

Transferring visions/dreams into reality, something from nothing. ⁂

“Marika was a huge book nerd, a sucker for YA, and had a TBR pile taller than her.”

― Mirella Muffarotto, Every Boy is a Book
There is nothing wrong if a woman decides to make the first move before a man, there is everything wrong when neither make a move only to miss out completely.
“Rotate Your Addictions”

Too much of one thing is bad, little bits of multiple things is healthier but at least not as bad as bad. 🤣
England be like, relax, what is day 4.5 of no alcohol for you is like day 5 already for us looking back at you…🤣
“Habitual Formations”

Also known as addictions.
“Come Out To Play”
“Small Sony”


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