ET Canada be like, Harry is coming, Harry is coming we have to warn the King…

WordPress: That means you your Luciferness…🤣

“I believe we are our own gods, and our own devils.

Good and evil doesn’t exist out there in the world, it exists in each and every one of us.”

― K.A. Hill, The Winners’ Guide
He might be overqualified for Mcdonalds, just saying…🤣
I’ll become his friend and then I’ll meet Jenna and then her and her and I will become lovers and it will be practically perfect muahahahah..🤣
“The devil is alive and kicking.

But if you are in Christ and follow the rules of daily Bible study, prayer, and witnessing, he has no power over you.”

― Billy Graham, Billy Graham in Quotes
“The Terminator is a creature from our primordial nightmares: tall, strong, aggressive, and nearly indestructible.

We’re strongly primed to fear such a being—it resembles the lions, tigers, and bears that our ancestors so feared when they wandered alone on the savanna and tundra.”

― Stuart Armstrong, Smarter Than Us: The Rise of Machine Intelligence

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