I had a big day today…

I shovelled snow, walked to the coffee shop and to the liquor store…I’m beat…😂

You can feel free to express your thoughts about me in the comments below but I am not going to care in most cases…🤣
Better to breath clearly than not breath clearly, especially while smoking also…🤣
I am pretty sure many other things and/or people will kill me way before smoking and my other “bad habits” will.
It’s funny because it’s true…🤣
“This short book will argue that human-level AIs—I’ll just call them “AIs” from now on—are plausible, that they could become extremely powerful, that we need to solve many problems in ethics and mathematics in order to program them safely, and that our current expertise is far from adequate for the task.”

― Stuart Armstrong, Smarter Than Us: The Rise of Machine Intelligence

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