WordPress is like home to me and family…

You know since I basically live here 14 hours a day under the same roof…🤣



“Ok. You fuck me, then snub me. You love me, you hate me.

You show me a sensitive side, then you turn into a total asshole.

Is this a pretty accurate description of our relationship?” 🤣

― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club
“the AI will eventually be able to predict any move we make and could spend a lot of effort manipulating those who have “control” over it.”

― Stuart Armstrong, Smarter Than Us: The Rise of Machine Intelligence
Had to become better at driving over the years somehow…😂
Skip the interview and/or meeting and just read the transcript…😂

Little bit of closer to death realization, a little workout, a little hate, a little bit of uppers and downers via intoxicants plus people and voila I am in a good mood again, I am ready to love….🤣

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