I reveal the evil within me simply to prove…

That if I listen to others and go to Poland to reclaim My Throne?

The innocent me will suddenly snap into full evil mode and be all like hahaha suckers now Satan is in charge again!

It’s one of those I am better off dying from Cancer as a poor man on Medical Welfare type scenarios. ⁂

“She’d created her own hell, and now that she had learned to control her fear, she knew how to create her own paradise.”

― Josephine Angelini, Goddess
I already have too much power as a poor man, I don’t need more power, the beast in me craves it, not I.
“Satan will thrash about in one last burst of evil,
hoping to capture as many souls as possible before his inevitable end.”

― Billy Graham, Billy Graham in Quotes

https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/7bmwgq/jesus-christ-king-of-poland-876 No more…⁂

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