The point is for 5 years I was basically firing multiple directions at once…

Nowadays where I am more into specific areas I can redirect all the extra energy into more centred shots unleashing more force into specific areas instead of all over the place.

This of the world being hit with 5% strength to suddenly whatever getting hit with 75% – 100%.

I sincerely hope they have been paying attention in order to reinforce whatever defences they think they have.

After all where is the fun when water crashes against sand walls instead of concrete? ⁂

“The underlying principle of all Satan’s tactics is deception.

He is a crafty and clever camouflager.”

― Billy Graham, Billy Graham in Quotes
Lawyers be like, so we are gonna take all your sicknesses and attach them to things and people we can sue, we get money, you get money, others get money, system gets improved, win win win win…🤣

“Human life holds the glorious potential of granting us immortality if we use it to redirect our love from the ephemeral to the eternal.”

― Chaitanya Charan, Demystifying Reincarnation
What am I supposed to be?


My sacrifices and future sacrifice won’t go in vain at least…
Ok I only wore the wig and dress to ro…I mean never mind…🤣

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