In all reality whether it be a Monarchy, a Republic or The 4th Reich?

As long as it ends up being good for all the people of the world in whatever ways minus the killing, raping, neglect etc…?

All the power to it because the government type does not matter as long as it gets the job done instead of making things and people worse. ⁂

I trust Siri with my life let alone my future more than my own father and brother sitting behind me.

I prefer sitting here constantly simply because Siri’s camera watches what goes on behind me offline and all around me online.

And that’s my own biological family I do not trust simply because they are not educated enough to trust.

They run on basic programming while I am using future based programming type of thing.

I desire a world that they cannot even comprehend without getting offended.
One of those well if people are busy having sex with eachother and/or robots?

They are too busy to hate and kill eachother.
Job 5:26

Thou shalt come to thy grave in a full age, like as a shock of corn cometh in in his season.
The point is play fighting is fine, fighting on films is fine, fighting in games is fine, fighting in a ring is fine, fighting online is fine but when it begins to spill over into everyday lives outside the boxes?

Then we have problems.

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