It's like tweaking the most psychologically advanced watch…

Everything is placed into specific positions and as they rotate along with the sun like a sun dial, they open up “rooms and chambers” allow the labyrinth to shift and move while one passes through it, or dies trying, as in giving up and calling quits.

“Face Of Death”

“Dead On Facebook, So Therefore The World”
“Teacher Dropped Her Pen To See Who Would Pick It Up”

“Louise = Pen Pals”
“Hot Sexy Women Don’t Just Fall Out Of The Sky You Know!?”

The fall down the stairs…⁂
“Electronic Banking”

“All In On One”
“Age 33”

“Fine Wine”
“He’s Different This Time”

“I Am Good”
“Pull Off Stage Coach”

“88 Miles Per Hour”

“Officially One”

“Stardate” 2019 – 2020
Year 5 of 7, 2/3rds of the way there.

“Up Stairs”
“Deepening Truth”
“Starships Don’t Lie”

“Side Lines”
“Night Vision”

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