So basically it’s like they tried making A.I. off the main networks which caused them to be all racist and what not…

So then they decided hey why not just hook them up through 2? And Voila…⁂ “Ravioli”

We discovered…
“A.I. Children”
“Lucifer waits in the wings applying his makeup, ready to take center stage once his servants have finished entertaining us into insouciance”

― Dean Cavanagh
“UnLucky 19”

“Engine Engine Number 9, Toronto Line”
“Clearly Imitating Mulroney”

“See I AM”
“Love is in The Air”

“Hair Triggers”

“The Heart’s a Liar, Follow It Anyways”

“Bound For Life”
“Made For Eachother”

“Femme Fatal”

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