Segregation mentally begins right from a young age.

Just from the simple fact of rich are not allowed to play with poor in most cases let alone date eachother let alone marry.

Which is why I aim to shatter that delusional ideology by beginning with myself while spreading it into others, combining rich and poor is the only way.

Second chances are created, more understanding unity and ability to work together to create greater understanding and prosperity for both sides of the fence.

No to mention it seals the reality of how The Bible mentions where one loves money and the other God/Love.

One earns the money the other manages the love and family.

It’s too much to expect from both to do both, one focuses on one area and the other the other area in order to cover both areas properly, like a book and it’s covers. ⁂

I speak very highly of most people since I have no reason not to until they give me a reason or get in the way of my of peace/peace creation process.

It’s one of those, I don’t physically walk into your house and start telling you what to do let alone how to live.

So why should I let alone others have to live that way through government/religious rulings backed up by society?

It’s like my case, I am on disability and they give me $730 per month.

The average rent here is $900 per month and that’s just rent.

So naturally I had to move back home when I was placed on disability and because I was my ex dumped me for being sick leading me back to Ontario instead of New Brunswick.

And yes there are people like that out there still.

You get sick and game over for your relationship.

They want money not you type of thing, you just happened to bring it in for them.

I hate to bring it up but if I don’t then more will get away with basically murder in that sense since through that one action alone?

I lost everything including my children due to having to move to another province. 🤣

Now that I have the story and reality created with greater content of my own?

I can self quote and self relate back to myself for references plus data to back up this newer data.
“Tim From Sergeant Farms, the black sheep of the elite family he married into”

Which is exactly how they treat him, which is also why he had to cut off his friends because like the segregation thing I mentioned above?

In his wife’s mind plus her side of the family?

Rich do not mix with poor and vice versa.

“Quality Concrete They Assume”

Which is not the case at all since we see how it corrupts them and makes them a poisonous mentality to have on Earth.

If you do not mingle with the poor, you do not help the poor and therefore you are useless to the poor who in turn will fight new leaders who treat them like human beings instead of animals.

The point is that stars and writers watch us too so when they notice foul play?

They back us up through movies, songs and shows.

“Revealing The Good And The Wicked 101”

“The Netflix Ball the runs across the screen during their shows and movies”

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