The law is to be followed but in the modern world we need to pause it for a bit in many cases…

Meaning in the cases of raping/abusing let alone killing women and/or children?

You may or may not only get charged or you may or may not get killed or you will get both, no more exceptions while I am around.

Like Kobe Bryant and Epstein, those are the first two examples of how problems will be dealt with in the new world.

The fact remains we have too many people and it costs way too much to keep them in jail, so if we kill them off, we save money and the victims get piece of mind. ⁂

 Psalm 144:1

Of David. Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.
Quran 5:10

But those who disbelieve and deny Our signs – those are the companions of Hellfire.
From rape to pedophelia, if you commit those among the others I listed many times?

You will not just get charged in all cases, you will be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life also, if you even get as far as the rest of your life.
Quran 4:54

Or do they envy people for what Allah has given them of His bounty?

But we had already given the family of Abraham the Scripture and wisdom and conferred upon them a great kingdom.

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