What’s worse, racism or neglect?

At least those who have people being racist against them get attention…I can’t even trigger people anymore to focus on me in person like that….🤣

Psalm 42-72 The Voice (VOICE)

Book Two

This second book of psalms (Psalms 42–72) has a few unique features. First, it is the only book of the five that contains psalms ascribed to the sons of Korah, a group of Levite temple singers. Second, it uses two rather obscure Hebrew terms in the superscriptions of almost half of these psalms. 

Maskil, which may be related to contemplation, is translated “contemplative poem” or “song” (4244–4552–55) and miktam, whose meaning is unclear, is translated “a prayer” (56–60).

Third, in referring to God this second book shows a preference for the word “God” over the name “the Eternal One” that appears as “YHWH” in the Hebrew Scriptures.

Throughout the Bible, the creator and covenant God is referred to in many ways.

Generally speaking, the names and titles used indicate something of His character and nature.

The title “God” implies His unique majesty and power; no one is like Him.

The name, translated “The Eternal One” and also “The Eternal,” is God’s covenant name revealed uniquely to Israel.

As the translation suggests, the divine name implies that the one True God transcends time and yet He is “with” His people.
https://www.allaboutgod.com/a-jealous-god.htm especially when drinking alcohol…🤣

“Don’t you ever think that your mind can never harm you just because it is your mind!

Your mind can really kill you.

From dawn to the time you retire, your mind can be a very good friend to you and your mind can also be your worst friend.

What goes into your mind each day becomes your friend so mind your mind!”

― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah




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