It's one of those….

Well if my royalties keep not making it to my accounts they must be being used for greater things like pay offs…🤣

Either way I am innocent because they have to catch me physically doing it personally from myself, account and/or otherwise personal wire transfer done by myself physically, anyone else is just committing fraud under my name as far as I am legally concerned.
Isaiah 57:11

Whom have you so dreaded and feared that you have not been true to me, and have neither remembered me nor taken this to heart?

Is it not because I have long been silent that you do not fear me?
Quran 57:15

So today no ransom will be taken from those who disbelieved.

Their refuge is the Fire.

It is most worthy of them, and wretched is the destination.
John 13:36

“Lord, where are You going?”

Simon Peter asked.

Jesus answered, “Where I am going, you cannot follow Me now, but you will follow later.”

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